Hoskin #19 Forceps Straight
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Item #: K5-1719

Straight with micro grooved tips



Straight with micro grooved tips
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Seltzer Eye Speculum

Adjustable eye speculum with open, flattened 15mm Kratz-style blades

Item #: K1-5672

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Phaco-4 Diamond Knife 2.8mm Angled

Keratome shaped, angled blade with four cutting edges

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Jaffe-Bechert Rotator 9mm

Nucleus rotator with blunt forked tip

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Kuglen Iris Hook Clover Leaf

Clover leaf model iris hook and lens manipulator

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Gills-Vannas Scissors Straight

7mm long blades with sharp tips

Item #: K4-5050

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Used in these Common Procedures
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Corneal Transplant