Helveston Barbie Retractor
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Item #: K1-9010

Thin curved blade

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Thin curved blade
Product Description
With its board thin blade, it is designed to retract conjunctival tissue and maximize exposure of the sclera for marking and placing sutures. The instrument was named by Dr. Helveston's nurse because it reminded her of a "hamburger flipper" for a "Barbie" doll.
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Helveston Muscle Hook 10mm

Extra delicate muscle hook with blunt, spatulated tip

Item #: K3-6780

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Helveston Scleral Ruler

15mm long, with notches in 5mm increments and single marking tooth at tip; for measuring and marking the distance from the limbus to the location of the muscle reinsertion

Item #: K3-9030

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Moody Fixation Forceps - Left

1x2 teeth, 0.5mm with lock

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Helveston Tying Forceps

Standard, smooth jaws; for 4-0 to 6-0 sutures

Item #: K5-5420

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