Glaucoma Set
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Item #: K10-2025

This set features a variety of instruments that can be utilized during various glaucoma procedures such as tube-shunt surgery or trabeculectomy

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This set features a variety of instruments that can be utilized during various glaucoma procedures such as tube-shunt surgery or trabeculectomy
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Glaucoma Set
Glaucoma Set

    Product Description
    Glaucoma Set Includes:
    1. K7-5000; Bishop-Harmon A/C Irrigator
    2. K5-9960; Jones Towel Clamp
    3. K5-9900; Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, straight
    4. K1-5955; Schott Eye Speculum, adjustable
    5. K1-5010; Barraquer Wire Speculum, large
    6. K1-5697; Double-X Speculum, 13mm blades
    7. K4-7400; Eye Scissors, straight
    8. K4-3002; Sarkisian-Westcott Scissors, small blades
    9. K4-3004; Westcott Tenotomy Scissors
    10. K4-4900; Barraquer Iris Scissors
    11. K4-3200; Mini Westcott Scissors
    12. K4-5111; Katena-Vannas Scissors, 7mm, curved
    13. K4-4000; McPherson-Westcott Stitch Scissors
    14. K5-1820; Fechtner Conjunctiva Forceps (x2)
    15. K5-1500; Colibri Forceps, 0.12mm teeth
    16. K5-3510; Bishop-Harmon Forceps
    17. K3-8975; Fechtner Trabeculectomy Marker 18. K3-8977; Fechtner EX-PRESS® Marker
    19. K3-9000; Castroviejo Caliper, straight
    20. K2-6548; Diamond Step Knife, 10-facet
    21. K20-1910; Chuck Handles (x2)
    22. K20-2466; Lamellar Blade #66 (bx)
    23. K20-2442; Super Sharp Blade, 15 deg. (bx)
    24. K20-4500; Marking Pen, sterile, disposable (pk/10)
    25. K2-9505; Luntz-Dodick Trabeculectomy Punch
    26. K2-9510; Kelly Descemet’s Membrane Punch
    27. K20-5000; K-Sponge Spears
    28. K3-1124; Blumenthal Conjunctiva Dissector
    29. K6-3310; Barraquer Needle Holder, curved
    30. K4-4200; Katena Micro Tying Scissors
    31. K7-3520; Air Injection Cannula, 27ga.
    32. K7-1000; Harms Trabeculotomy Probe, right
    33. K7-1010; Harms Trabeculotomy Probe, left
    34. K9-2350; Sterilizing Case, double, aluminum
    This Set Includes
    Barraquer Wire Speculum Large
    Item #: K1-5010
    Chu Femto Speculum Small
    Item #: K1-5697
    Schott Eye Speculum Wire
    Item #: K1-5955
    Chuck Handle #3K
    Item #: K20-1910
    Super Sharp 15 Deg 5mm (5/Bx)
    Item #: K20-2442
    Lamellar Blade #66-60 (5/Bx)
    Item #: K20-2466
    Marking Pen Standard (10/Bx)
    Item #: K20-4500
    K-Sponge® Spears
    Item #: K20-5000
    Diamond Step Knife 10 Facets
    Item #: K2-6548
    Luntz-Dodick Trabeculectomy Punch
    Item #: K2-9505
    Kelly Descemet's Punch
    Item #: K2-9510
    Blumenthal Conjunctiva Dissector
    Item #: K3-1124
    Fechtner Trabeculectomy Marker
    Item #: K3-8975
    Fechtner Express Marker
    Item #: K3-8977
    Castroviejo Caliper Straight
    Item #: K3-9000
    Sarkisian-Westcott Scissors
    Item #: K4-3002
    Westcott Tenotomy Scissors Medium
    Item #: K4-3004
    Mini Westcott Tenotomy Scissors
    Item #: K4-3200
    McPherson-Westcott Stitch Scissors
    Item #: K4-4000
    Katena Micro Tying Scissors
    Item #: K4-4200
    Barraquer Iris Scissors
    Item #: K4-4900
    Hartmann Mosquito Forceps Straight
    Item #: K5-9900
    Harms Trabeculotomy Probe Left
    Item #: K7-1010
    Katena-Vannas Scissors 7mm Curved
    Item #: K4-5111
    Eye Scissors Standard Straight
    Item #: K4-7400
    Colibri Forceps 0.12mm Teeth
    Item #: K5-1500
    Item #: K5-1820
    Bishop-Harmon Forceps Standard
    Item #: K5-3510
    Jones Towel Clamp
    Item #: K5-9960
    Barraquer Needle Holder Curved Witho...
    Item #: K6-3310
    Harms Trabeculotomy Probe Right
    Item #: K7-1000
    Air Injection Cannula 27 gauge, 5mm ...
    Item #: K7-3520
    Bishop-Harmon Anterior Chamber Irrig...
    Item #: K7-5000
    Instrument Case Double Aluminum
    Item #: K9-2350
    Used in these Common Procedures
    • Glaucoma