Corneal Transplant Set
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Item #: K10-2030

This set features a variety of instruments to assist in replacement cornea procedures

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This set features a variety of instruments to assist in replacement cornea procedures
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Corneal Transplant Set
Corneal Transplant Set

    Product Description
    Corneal Transplant Set Includes:
    1. K7-5000; Bishop-Harmon A/C Irrigator
    2. K5-9960; Jones Towel Clamp
    3. K1-7100; Flieringa Rings (set of 8)
    4. K1-7312; McNeill-Goldman Fixation Ring
    5. K1-5010; Barraquer Wire Speculum, large
    6. K1-5698; Double-X Speculum, solid blade 15mm
    7. K5-9900; Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, straight (x2)
    8. K5-9850; Serrefines, small, straight (x2)
    9. K4-2017; Terry Micro Corneal Scissors, left
    10. K4-2016; Terry Micro Corneal Scissors, right
    11. K4-3004; Westcott Tenotomy Scissors
    12. K4-4150; Jaffe Stitch Scissors
    13. K20-2056; Barron Vacuum Trephine, 7.5mm
    14. K20-2058; Barron Vacuum Trephine, 8.0mm (not pictured here)
    15. K20-2108; Barron Vacuum Punch, 8.0mm
    16. K20-2110 Barron Vacuum Punch, 8.5mm
    17. K5-1560; Polack Double Corneal Fixation Forceps
    18. K5-2914; Perl Corneal Forceps, 0.08mm, left
    19. K5-2500; Castroviejo Forceps, 0.12mm
    20. K5-2510; Castroviejo Forceps, 0.3mm
    21. K5-1520; Harms-Colibri Forceps, 0.12mm
    22. K5-5220; Tennant Tying Forceps, straight
    23. K5-5230; Tennant Tying Forceps, curved
    24. K3-4255; Paton Spatula & Spoon
    25. K6-3820; Katena Needle Holder, curved w/lock
    26. K6-1520; Castroviejo Needle Holder, curved w/lock
    27. K4-4200; Katena Micro Tying Scissors
    28. K7-3500; Air Injection Cannula, 30ga.
    29. K7-5150; McIntyre A/C Cannula, 26ga.
    30. K9-2350; Sterilizing Case, double, aluminum
    31. K20-5010; K-Sponge II spears, synthetic (bx)
    Used in these Common Procedures
    • Corneal Transplant