Barron Vacuum Punch 9.25mm
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Item #: K20-2113

Sterile, disposable vacuum punch for the donor cornea

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Sterile, disposable vacuum punch for the donor cornea
Product Description
The Barron Vacuum Donor Punch is a disposable, single-use instrument for cutting the donor cornea tissue for corneal transplant procedures. The Barron Vacuum Punch comes assembled with a cutting blade top and a cutting block bottom. The well of the cutting block features a vacuum system powered by a single hand-operated syringe that creates suction to hold the donor cornea tissue in place during cutting. The well of the cutting block also has four small holes that may be inked with a sterile marking pen (included) to identify the four quadrants of the cornea for cardinal suture alignment in the recipient bed.
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Used in these Common Procedures
  • Corneal Transplant
  • DALK
  • DSEK
  • DMEK