AmbioDisk® Multi-layer Amniotic Membrane
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Item #: AF-1150

Multi-layer sutureless, dehydrated Amniotic membrane graft for in-office applications

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Multi-layer sutureless, dehydrated Amniotic membrane graft for in-office applications

Product Description

AmbioDisk® is a Clearify™ processed, sutureless amniotic membrane allograft utilized for the treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders in the office setting:

Corneal erosions; Neurotrophic ulcerations; Acute chemical/thermal burns; Non-healing epithelial defects; Conditions associated with excessive dry eye; Post-infectious keratitis (herpetic, vernal, bacterial).

Katena's amniotic membrane features a more robust biostructure with high protein content and excellent handling characteristics. Our Clearify™ process now retains the intermediate layer of amniotic membrane. These multi-layer Ambio grafts retain 80% more hyaluronic acid than previous generations.

5-year shelf life with simple room temperature storage. No freezing or refrigeration required. No thawing or soaking required.

All recovered tissue meets stringent specifications related to donor screening and testing. Each allograft is processed, sterilized and packaged with proprietary, device-like methods to ensure consistent, high quality tissue for transplantation
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